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“God used Teen Challenge to save my daughter’s life. Her choices had taken her down a path of destruction that led to a car accident one night when she and a friend had been drinking and taking pills. She could have died that night but instead ended up in jail. I was certain this would be her rock bottom – but instead she became even more defiant over the next few weeks. After my first visit I had a peace that this was God’s choice for my daughter. The road wasn’t easy but she was able to internalize God’s word and rebuild relationships with her family that we thought had been damaged beyond repair. Thank you for being source of strength and encouragement to our family. I would recommend your program for any young girl, troubled or not.” – Marla M.

“Our daughter was totally rebellious, acting-out, shouting when thing’s wouldn’t go her way, pushing and shoving, lying , sneaking around drinking and having sex. It was awful, all the things that she exposed herself to at such a young age had a hold on her and she was living in total rebellion. We tried keeping her away from the so-called friends and influences that were bad, but that only seemed to make her rebel even more, grounding did little to no good. So we decided that something drastic had to take place, we love our daughter and don’t want to watch her destroy her life and her future. So we called Teen Challenge. Within the first couple of weeks we saw changes in her attitude, and within a month’s time, my baby girl contacted me and said that she had received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior and from that point on she has changed a little more each and every time I see her. I am so proud of her and the decision that we have made. The staff at there love and care for these girls and counsel them in the way’s of the Lord, and they are all wonderful Christian people.” – Parent

“It is a grave and stark reality when a parent comes to realize they have lost all ability to speak into their child’s life, and that they are slowly losing that child to a world contaminated by darkness, hate, perversity, destruction, and hopelessness. Yet that is exactly the place that we found ourselves in while parenting our only daughter at the tender age of 15. As her parents, we were desperate and frustrated and didn’t know what to do, so we cried out to God to help us and show us the way. In our distress, he heard our cry and came swiftly to answer us. His answer came to us by way of Teen Challenge. Our daughter arrived there very stubborn and damaged and left there compliant and whole. She was literally transformed by God working through the program. She is now whole in her relationship with us as her parents, whole in her conduct and interaction with others, and most of all, whole in her relationship with God. Now we are all enjoying life with our daughter again. We are back together being a family, working and playing as team. It is truly a miracle, and we are so grateful.” – Lydia

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