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teen ChallengeWhat We Believe

We are an unashamedly Christian program, and our biblical perspective is woven through every aspect of a student’s experience here. Even though KCGA operates under a faith-based distinctive, students are never forced to accept our religious beliefs to participate in the program. Furthermore, the staff cannot offer favors or privileges to students who say they have become believers. This type of spiritual manipulation would only promote surface-level faith, lacking authenticity, and would work against our goal to help young ladies find true freedom from life-controlling issues.

The religious principles promoted and modeled at KCGA foster an environment of peace, fulfillment, respect, and honor. We recognize that every student in our care is God’s creation and, therefore, worthy of respect regardless of their acceptance/rejection of our beliefs. 

Statement of Faith:

WE BELIEVE…The Scriptures are inspired by God and declare His design and plan for humanity.

WE BELIEVE…Only One True God is revealed in three persons … Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (commonly known as the Trinity).

WE BELIEVE…In the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ   As God’s son, Jesus is both human and divine.

WE BELIEVE…though originally good; Man Willingly Fell to Sin–ushering evil and death, both physical and spiritual, into the world.

WE BELIEVE…Every Person Can Have Restored Fellowship with God through ‘Salvation’ (trusting Christ, through faith and repentance, to be our Savior).

WE BELIEVE… in Water Baptism by Immersion after repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, and Holy Communion as a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s suffering and death for our salvation.

WE BELIEVE…that the gifts of the spirit are still in operation today.

WE BELIEVE …Teen Challenge, as a para-church organization, is responsible to the Great Commission to save the lost, make disciples, and send them out.

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