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Kansas City Girls Academy

Before Kansas City Girls Academy, my life was a mess. I was spiraling out of control, making terrible choices that nearly cost me everything. One night, under the influence of alcohol and pills, I found myself in a car accident. I was lucky to survive, but instead of waking up to a wake-up call, I woke up in jail.

I thought that would be my rock bottom, but I was wrong. I became even more defiant, pushing away anyone who tried to help. That’s when my mom found Kansas City Girls Academy. At first, I was skeptical, but something inside me told me to give it a chance.

From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of peace. It was like God himself had led me there. The road wasn’t easy, but through the program, I learned to internalize God’s word and rebuild the shattered relationships with my family. Relationships I thought were beyond repair.

Kansas City Girls Academy saved my life. It gave me the strength and encouragement I needed to turn things around. Now, I would recommend their program to any young girl, troubled or not. Because sometimes, all it takes is a little faith and guidance to find your way back home.

This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.