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Empowering Young Girls

A Faith-Based Therapeutic Boarding School Where Struggling Girls Get Back on Track.
Our boarding school for girls offers a comprehensive program to support troubled girls through academic excellence and spiritual growth.

Our Mission at Kansas City Girls Academy

At Kansas City Girls Academy, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of young girls through compassionate guidance and a faith-based approach. Our therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls provides a safe and nurturing environment where students can overcome personal challenges and achieve academic success.

Programs at Our Boarding School for Girls

  • Academic Excellence: Our curriculum prepares students for higher education while accommodating individual learning needs.
  • Therapeutic Support: We provide comprehensive therapeutic services, including individual and group counseling, to address the unique challenges of each student.
  • Spiritual Development: Our program includes daily devotions, chapel services, and Bible study to foster spiritual growth and resilience.
  • Community Engagement: Students participate in community service projects, helping them develop a sense of purpose and connection.

What Parents and Students Say

“Kansas City Girls Academy has been a life-changing experience for our daughter. The combination of academic support and therapeutic care has helped her thrive.” – Parent of a Student

“The academy gave me the tools to overcome my struggles and find strength in my faith. I’m grateful for the supportive community here.” – Former Student

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If you are looking for a supportive and transformative boarding school for troubled girls, consider Kansas City Girls Academy. Learn more about our enrollment process and how we can help your daughter grow in a safe, nurturing environment.

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