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Boarding schools for girls in Niles, Illinois are designed to aid troubled girls in dramatically adjusting their reaction to life. That’s why you should consider Kansas City Girls Academy for your difficult teen. It is a special boarding school not too far away from Niles, Illinois.

girls boarding schoolsTo entrust the care of your dysfunctional teenage daughter to a therapeutic boarding school can be among the heaviest and most stressful choices a parent ever has to make.

Boarding schools for girls in Niles, Illinois are commonly the most effective answer to helping your daughter if she is exhibiting unhealthy behaviors. The experience of our staff members and the overwhelmingly positive experiences of graduates and their families prove this. At this alternative boarding school, we provide counseling, education, activities, and applicable skills to turn problematic girls’ lives around.

girls boarding schoolsEven though it can seem difficult during such a painful time, it is typically preferable that your daughter gets away from their current environment and associates in Niles, Illinois. Teens who go to residential treatment centers for struggling girls within their own home area are at a much greater likelihood of abandoning the program early, cancelling out the benefits they might otherwise receive. Admitting them in a trustworthy, highly structured environment away from Niles, Illinois is essential to successfully rehabilitating troubled teenagers.

If your daughter is suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, trauma, or PTSD, our professional staff is able to address these issues.

girls boarding schoolsThis special Christian boarding school is not like common boarding schools in Illinois, in that it provides therapy in a compassionate, homey atmosphere. Your daughter will feel cared for and at ease, while being highly supervised. This has been shown to be the setting in which troubled teenagers can achieve the greatest measure of success.

Building a program that does not feel like an institution is crucial for conducive therapy. If girls do not feel relaxed and cared for, they can not be able to be as honest as they will need to be to allow our counselors and therapists to truly get to root issues that cause worrisome and problematic behaviors.

Girls struggling in education can both discover rehabilitation and appropriate support at this residential treatment center.

therapeutic boarding school for troubled girlsThe scholastic program offered here is especially created with difficult teens in mind. Certain residential treatment centers insist upon keeping tight standards of academic merit. At this program, we understand that troubled teens usually have fallen behind in academics and are in need of individualized academic repair that can get them back on track. Although academic success is, of course, the ideal, this program is structured to cope with the unique needs of troubled teenagers.

More than just academics, counseling is necessary to change dysfunctional thought cycles that underlie many of the problems teens are experiencing. Just addressing external issues like behavior and education will not be enough in terms of creating a true, lifelong modification in these teenagers. In fact, after the emotional and spiritual aspects of these teenager’s difficulties are treated, they tend to straighten out in other areas, like academics and behavior.

Teens with emotional abnormalities like anxiety or depression commonly have lessened interest in physical recreation, which are good and necessary for teenagers. At this program, we push for a regaining of their innate interest in fitness and the outdoors. Keeping teens physically active increases health and self-esteem, which are important additions to the counseling students experience.

therapeutic boarding school for troubled girlsStudents at this residential treatment center learn useful, hands-on work skills. This teaches trustworthiness and honesty, as well as building self-esteem. In this therapeutic environment, the girls discover how to match work and play, creating a practical and healthy work ethic. This carries on into their life after the program, allowing them to become helpful, productive members of society.

Within this supervised and compassionate program, girls are able to build principles, and discover a new faith and purpose in God. This is the only effective method for teens to be rid of the selfishness and self-centeredness that causes most of their problematic patterns, from addiction to other behavioral disorders. Within a healthy structure, and surrounded by helpful influences, students develop a new, healthy peer group that can hold them accountable and support them in their new, moral way of living.

KCGA can help your daughter by providing treatment, academic support, and a useful program of teaching Christian principles. Our staff is well experienced and dedicated, caring honestly about the transformation of each and every girl.

Though not situated in Niles, Illinois, Kansas City Girls Academy is a residential boarding school for troubled teens that can aid your teenage daughter.

girls boarding schoolsTroubled teens usually require more help than is available within their own household. A caring and supportive family are, unfortunately, not always sufficient to stop the dangerous behaviors of such a child. This program offers hope, however, and provides a true solution that can transform your daughter into a healthy, productive child, returning them to you a transformed young person.

KCGA Is Uniquely Equipped to assist struggling teen girls who are becoming out of control. We are a Christian boarding school with therapy just for struggling girls. Because we have a small student base, we have a more personal approach. We also have behind us the experience of Teen Challenge, with over 50 years of history helping people with risky behaviors find freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Niles is a village in Maine and Niles Townships, Cook County, Illinois, United States. The 2010 population from the U.S. Census Bureau is 29,803.
The current mayor of Niles is Robert M. Callero.

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KCGA Is A Boarding School Serving Struggling Girls in Niles, Illinois. Contact us today.