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Seeking a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls? 

therapeutic boarding schools for girlsPlease consider Kansas City Girls Academy.  It is a nonprofit, year-round Christian therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 12-17.  The school is for rebellious or emotionally troubled girls with life-controlling issues resulting from trauma, abuse, adoption, or family discord.  It offers therapy designed to repair problematic behavioral and emotional issues while progressing with each girl’s academics.

Kansas City Girls Academy is a program for girls who are struggling in life.  It is designed to help girls identify problem behaviors and build inner strength to overcome challenges. Practical communication skills are developed, and positive coping strategies are learned.  Kansas City Girls Academy uses a multi-therapeutic model.  Discipleship curriculum and ongoing pastoral counseling relative to the curriculum content are utilized to assist the students in discovering their incorrect assumptions and replacing them with new concepts of understanding.

As you search for a faith-based therapeutic school, consider how KCGA can help your girl.  This academy offers a therapeutic program specially created to repair behavioral and emotional issues without disrupting their education. You’ll discover an incredible program at 60% less cost than typical therapeutic schools and all the attention your daughter needs.

therapeutic boarding school for troubled girlsTroubled teenage girls who enroll in the year-round KCGA therapeutic boarding school discover how to cope with life-controlling issues.  Behavioral issues caused by trauma, abuse, adoption, or family conflict, can quickly spiral out of control without treatment.

In this structured program, girls experience personal/group counseling and therapy to overcome their issues when seeking an affordable boarding school for troubled teenage girls.  As a result, teen girls aged 12-17 from Texas can finally find hope, love, and reconciliation as they hold each other accountable through this life-changing journey.

This Christian therapeutic boarding school for girls offers transformation through the power of faith.  With a new foundation for life, your daughter will rise above her challenges – now and in the future.

Kansas City Girls Academy will help your daughter — we’ll target her struggles and build her inner strength to overcome life challenges.  Troubled teenage girls here also develop practical communication skills and new, healthy coping strategies.  In addition, girls gain valuable life skills through equine therapy, guided by helpful and experienced experts.  As they work with these horses, girls find better ways to respond to challenging situations rather than react emotionally.

therapeutic boarding schools for girls

Therapy at this therapeutic boarding school for girls includes informal sessions alongside each girl’s discipleship curriculum.  These sessions help troubled teenage girls discard old ideas and replace them with Christian standards and character.

Kansas City Girls Academy is an excellent year-round Christian therapeutic boarding school that exclusively enrolls troubled teenage girls.  As a result, they escape life-controlling mental and behavioral issues.  Girls in this academy receive help with anxiety, trauma, adoption issues, oppositional defiant disorder, reactive attachment disorder, depression, and more.

therapeutic boarding school for troubled girlsOur professional therapeutic team treats girls with low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, lying, stealing, promiscuity, self-harm, and risky behavior.  Students experience several small group sessions each week, led by counselors and staff who support emotional growth in a safe, confidential setting.

Troubled teenage girls can also process more sensitive issues through therapy sessions with a trusted counselor.  Parents are also encouraged to participate during planned family weekends, where they can meet with their girl and her primary counselor.

Our equine therapy is about creating and cultivating a bond between the girl and a horse, not just having fun horseback riding.  At its root, horsemanship is all about the girl and horse working together to complete a goal or task.  To accomplish this, each girl must learn to be calm, assertive, and communicative. In addition, the girl must communicate clearly with her equine partner using verbal and nonverbal communication techniques.

The way horses read and react to the girl’s body language is a startlingly accurate method of daily feedback for the girl; if her attitude is incorrect, the horse will not respond well to her. Conversely, only calm assertive communication from the girl will result in the horse beginning to trust and respect her leadership.

Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for GirlsDuring activities with horses, the girls learn alternative ways of responding to a difficult situation rather than reacting.  They begin to find hope for their challenging life issues as they ‘experience’ relational changes with their horse and explore their God-created uniqueness and destiny.  Horses are potent and effective in helping people, whether a child, youth or adults.  They have much to teach us about our behavior patterns, communication, and relationships.  Horses are excellent “teachers” coupled with trained facilitators certified in personal and social development, interaction with horses can often provide invaluable assistance in addressing challenging life issues in a fun, action-oriented, non-threatening learning environment.

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When your daughter seems lost and urgently needs the help of the principles-based therapy and experienced staff at KCGA, call (888)452-8011.  You can also fill out and send in our private online form.  Our admissions staff will contact you immediately with the information you need to get help for your struggling teenage girl.  KCGA can help you and your family find healing and restoration as soon as you reach out.

This is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for girls with various emotional issues.  We enroll girls year-round.